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Dental decay is the process of acid softening and dissolving the enamel and dentine of your teeth. It is caused by the sugars in the food we eat and drink reacting with the bacteria in plaque, which creates an acid that dissolves your teeth. Over time, the acid will produce a cavity (hole) in your tooth.

Without treatment, dental decay can cause further damage to your dental health, and may result in the need to remove the tooth.

If the tooth decay is not too serious, your dentist will remove all of the affected area and restore the tooth with a filling. Dental fillings are made to restore and fill the cavity in your tooth, preventing further damage and making sure that your smile stays healthier and happier.

Traditionally, dental fillings were made from metal, such as silver. However, in recent years alternative tooth-coloured cosmetic fillings have become more widely-available and are now a popular choice.